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SIOBHAN O’LOUGHLIN (of Broken Bone Bathtub) collaborates with relational artist Dennissa Young and designer Brendan Leahy in an ongoing remote series to audiences globally over zoom that has been running since March 17th.  Please Don’t Touch The Artist is an extrovert’s attempt to soothe feelings of confusion, isolation, and uncertainty with performance art fueled by intimacy, warmth and connection. With each performance, the artists guide the audience on a journey of exploring and understanding human contact. From a heartbreaking oil change to a romantic-comedy-romp through flirting with a fellow film student over zoom, Please Don’t Touch encourages you to resist the urge to go inward and despair.

Shows are twice a week (pending the team’s timeframe and events), and will be a mix of premieres and reduxes from the course of productions both workshopped and developed since mid-March.


Join Us for Our Modern Hit,

My Heart Goes Zoom

Reserve tickets for Parts I and II Right here.




“Thank you for bringing community to these lonely islands. We need this right now.” 

“One of the most memorable, theatrical, human experiences we’ve ever had.”

“PDT lives right in the overlap between storytelling, group therapy, and intimate storytelling.”

“Thank you, Siobhan, Brendan, and Dennissa. I will now be imagining a beautiful speakeasy in my building’s mailroom.”


“You all are a magical dream that feeds the extrovert part of my ambiversion.”









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In solidarity with the Black Lives Matter movement (and to accommodate the off-line activist work of the team), all of our performances have been moved to evenings. We support protests, phone calls, donations, volunteering, and conscious consumerism all day every day (and, of course, into the night). For those who are home in the evenings, we will be there for you to come together for creative activation.

See you in the streets and in the zoom room.




Tuesday, July 7th at 10:00 PM : Speakeasy Oil Change
Friday, July 10th at 10:00 PM: New Show 
Friday, July 17th at 10 PM : My Heart Goes Zoom Part I: Falling in Love
Saturday, July 18th at 10:00 PM : My Heart Goes Zoom Part II: Loving
Monday, July 20th
 at 9:00 PM: New Show
Friday, June 24th 
at 10:00 PM: Pandemic Phone Bank 
Wednesday, July 29th at 8:00 PM: New Show
Saturday, August 1st at 10:00 PM: New Show

All time zones are in EDT.





No Proscenium: My Heart Goes Zoom is a Rom-Com Come to Life

Minnesota Playlist: The Zestiness of Zoom: Love in the Time of Corona

Asheville Date Night: My Heart Goes Zoom, an Online-Interactive Love Story in Two Parts

DC Metro Theatre Arts: My Heart Goes Zoom Tells a Funny, Relatable Story of a Covid-Era Crush 

CLTure: Performance Artist Siobhan O’Loughlin Premieres Interactive Two-Part Rom Com, My Heart Goes Zoom 

Baker’s Dozen: My Heart Goes Zoom 

New Show New York: Zoom Crush




Performances are Pay What You Can. Below are options for how to tip Siobhan:

1. Patreon.
*This is the best way to support her through this crisis*
You can sign up (for as little as $3 a month!) here.
2. You can tip any amount per show:
-venmo: @siobhan-solo
-cashapp: $siobhansolo
-paypal: scoloughlin@gmail.com

NO ONE will be turned away from these performances.
We understand that times are as they are.