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We’ve Moved! 

This tiny little project got so big, that it finally has its own home.
We’d be truly chuffed if you visited our brand new website. 

Since March 17th, 2020, performance artist Siobhan O’Loughlin has been writing and performing a serial event of experimental, interactive experiences over zoom, originally founded alongside Dennissa Young and Brendan Leahy. The universe of PDT has expanded to a world of colorful characters and community members, whether as part of O’Loughlin’s immersive performance, or standalone elements in their own unique squares.

Post-show after parties take on a life of their own, as genuine friendships and bonds have formed inside the creative space of the performance—and outside of it, too, as if lingering in the lobby and having a drink at a nearby bar were still possible.

For over 50 performances, O’Loughlin’s audience is taken on a journey of exploring and understanding human contact. From a heartbreaking oil change to a romantic-comedy-romp through flirting with a fellow film student over zoom, Please Don’t Touch seeks genuine intimacy online.

Shows are scheduled throughout the month, and fluctuate between a mix of workshop premieres (otherwise known as the For Friends and Lovers series) as well as developed remounts (including the #fanfavorite My Heart Goes Zoom).

Join us.