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Praise and Press Quotes For Siobhan O’Loughlin

Critics nationally and internationally have weighed in on Siobhan’s solo work. Check out some of our favorite quotes here, and view them all in detail for The Rope in Your HandsNatural Novice, and Broken Bone Bathtub.


“There are best friends, parents, journalists and even shrinks who don’t have half the power of listening, empathy, insight and follow up that Siobhan has.”
— The Houston Press 

“I’ve found that the messages of good shows land with people when the artist asks one profound question, and not 20. What makes this show great, is that, even though the performance is a little over an hour, O’Loughlin is in no hurry to push us toward an answer, but seems sure enough of herself to let each performance yield its own conclusions to this same question.
–Edge Media, New York City

“She’s naked. She’s in a bathtub. And she’s brilliant.”
— Malinism, New York City

“A fearless performer. An offbeat gem.”
–The Minneapolis Star Tribune 

“A unique comic flavor.”
–LA Weekly

“O’Loughlin transmogrifies onstage in a New York minute…or, rather, a New Orleans Jazz Band beat.”
–St. Louis Magazine

“A hilarious, honest performance…O’Loughlin displays a rare gift.”
Maryland Theatre Guide, Baltimore

“Many accolades should and are attributed to O’Loughlin’s ability to portray drastically different characters in a relatively short amount of time.”
nytheatre.com, New York City 

“Genuinely funny—in the way that a seasoned stand-up comedian finds humor in the banal struggles of everyday life—to one moment that tears out your heart.”
ALIVE Magazine, St Louis 

“Siobhan O’Loughlin creates a moving snapshot of turmoil, and the implicit challenge to the audience to wake up.”
–The Scotsman, Edinburgh, Scotland

“Real testimonies were told to us with overflowing emotion, dignity, heart, and caring through Siobhan O’Loughlin’s tour-de-force performance.”
DC Metro Theatre Arts 

“Siobhan O’Loughlin is insightful, captivating, charming, funny…the list could go on and on.”
One Girl, Two Cities, Minneapolis