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Natural Novice


Natural Novice is the story of one woman who moves from a commune in Vermont to New York City and doesn’t shave…any part of her body. As she tries to fit into the world around her, she weaves in the stories from other women she knows: a Chinese lesbian, a Jewish sorority girl, a transgender comedian, a Muslim woman who wears hijab, and beyond–all sounding off on their experiences with or without their hair, and how a woman defines herself; no matter what she looks like. Each woman provides a very particular detail in the unraveling of the body hair/body image/body shaming conquest that is our never ending bout with the female identity as object.

Winner of BEST OF THE FEST at Charm City Fringe in Baltimore, and FRINGE CRUSH at the St Lou Fringe,  as well as the Top Ten Indie Plays in Seattle for 2014, Natural Novice is currently booking for 2016.

Would you like this show (and Siobhan?) at your festival or venue? Learn more here and contact Siobhan now.



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Featured in The Electric City: Inside the Scranton Fringe Festival



Natural Novice is available for booking! Contact Siobhan here to make it happen.