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Chesapeake Arts Center

Program Notes

by Davina Grace Hill

Executive Director

August 29th, 2009


”The Rope in Your Hands” is about what happened to people in the town where I grew up – New Orleans. That makes it very personal for me. Siobhan (pronounced SHA-Vonn for those not versed in Irish) grew up in a house one block from where I lived in Salisbury. That makes it personal to me. The people you meet in ”The Rope in Your Hands” and their ways of coping with the unimaginable devastation of Hurricane Katrina will become familiar to you because you’ll recognize yourself in them. In the dozen or so people Siobhan brings to life on stage there will be that moment of recognition, ”oh, that’s what I would have done or felt.” It will become personal for you too, through the power of theatre.

Siobhan O’Loughlin grew up in a politically aware and artistically rich environment. Her mother is a writer (as well as a college development officer) and her father is a musician (as well as a political science professor). Her two brothers are also active in theatre and the arts. All of Siobhan’s past influences have converged with ”The Rope in Your Hands,” – the artistry and the activism, the urge to promote positive change and the creativity to express oneself forcefully. Chesapeake Arts Center is pleased to introduce this young talent, especially so to commemorate and remember what happened in New Orleans and all along the Gulf Coast four years ago, today. And a special note to all those in the audience who went South to help with relief efforts, a very heartfelt and most personal, thank you.