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“Events like this performance should be experienced by all teachers and especially students so that we an all understand what happens outside of our neighborhoods and schools.”


“This play made me want to go out and help my community in any way possible. When I am teaching in the future, I want all of my students to feel involved in the world…I want to take them to plays such as this one, plays that open their eyes to different view points…”


The Rope in Your Hands was one of the best, most eye-opening plays I have ever seen and it has impacted me in more ways than I could have expected. Hopefully, when I begin teaching, there are chances to share experiences like this one with my students and other teachers.”


“While I was watching the show, I was amazed at how one person could convey the essence of so many different people at once. There was a screen behind the actress that stated which character she was portraying at that specific time, but after only a short while I was able to quickly recognize which person she was representing without even looking at the screen.”


“I recall one specific time when she was portraying a high class woman who was crying, then, within seconds, she had switched characters to a street performer, and was up out of her chair and cracking jokes…still with the leftover tears running down her face from the previous character.”


The Rope in Your Hands is a vital tool that students could learn from.”


“I think it is important for students of all ages to understand the degree of tragedy and I believe that exposing them to a performance of this nature would have a very positive effect on their world views.”

“I was astounded when, before I knew it, the play was already over, and I found myself wanting to watch more…the actress was passionate about this topic, and her enthusiasm captivated the audience.”


“Siobhan O’Loughlin was able to make the audience feel like they actually knew these characters.”


“This performance really opened up my eyes.”


“I was not sure exactly what to expect going into the theater, but going to this presentation helped me grow as a person.”


“I was blown away by how I had gained so much from this one hour show…I realized that no one really knows how someone has been impacted by a certain circumstance until they are asked.”


“I now have a perspective that will help me not only with my teaching career but also life in general. I am gald to have had this opportunity in going to this theatrical production in order to become a better teacher and person!”


“Siobhan O’Loughlin’s performance was extremely captivating and moving. The overall creativity and passion she had was phenomenal.”


“The whole performance lasted about an hour, which by very fast. I noticed a few people crying; the show was just so powerful and overwhelming.”


“When Siobhan O’Loughlin was telling the story of each character, it was almost like the character was on the stage telling the story.”


“I really felt that I connected with [one of the characters] even though he was not present. O’Loughlin did a great job of portraying his character and the issues he has had to face. His views gave me a lot of insight on the problems that Hurricane Katrina caused…this performance gave me the goosebumps.”


The Rope in Your Hands really made me think about the things that I will be faced with as my life goes on…it helped me come to terms with some of the ways I think, too.”