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Please Do Not Touch the Artist (she is likely a carrier)
or Other Audience Members (they could be three degrees from a vulnerable person who needs love)
or Your Face (it is hard to love yourself).


Siobhan is an immersive performance artist. She performs shows in bathtubs where the audience tells her stories as they wash her back and hair. She’s been seeking connection, and positive, healing intimacy for five years.

Now, no one is allowed to to touch anyone.
Or go outside.

Join Siobhan for a series of short form, interactive solo performances, via zoom, twice a week, as she relives her experiences before the shut down. With the help of her creative team (Dennissa Young and Brendan Leahy), she’ll touch on her strangely tender memories while soliciting your own; with the mission to resist the urge to go inward, and not to abandon the intimacy she’d worked so hard to secure.

For herself, and for you.

“Thank you for bringing community to these lonely islands. We need this right now.” 

Sign up right here to get links to the Zoom meetings for shows.

Performances are Pay What You Can. Below are options for how to tip Siobhan:

1. Patreon.
*This is the best way to support her through this crisis*
You can sign up (for as little as $3 a month!) here.
2. You can tip any amount per show:
-venmo: @siobhan-solo
-cashapp: $siobhansolo
-paypal: scoloughlin@gmail.com

NO ONE will be turned away from these performances.

I’d love your financial support, but it’s okay if it’s not possible–we are all hurting and we need to try to be there for each other.